What is Passiv Haus?

Passiv Haus: The global benchmark in energy efficient home design.

Passiv Haus (Passive House) is the fastest growing energy performance standard in the world, stemming from a surprisingly simple approach to building design and construction, developed in Germany.

The Passiv Haus approach to building results in incredibly low energy consumption by the home’s occupants. Three design elements make this possible:

  1. Outstanding thermal performance;
  2. Exceptional airtightness; and
  3. Mechanical ventilation.

With a Passive House, the indoor temperature is naturally comfortable and stable, all year round. Where a traditional house relies on space heating and cooling to maintain the comfort of its residing family, heating and cooling in a Passive House occurs naturally, as a bi-product of smart design.

With heating and cooling no longer essential, ongoing energy use can be reduced by as much as 95% – saving as much as a thousand dollars or even more, each and every year.

While Passive Houses are often built from scratch, the Passiv Haus standard of performance can also be achieved with pre-existing buildings, through renovation.

Home Improvement Store is a member of the Australian Passive House Association, and accredited to coordinate all facets of Passiv Haus development and renovation projects, from design and building to energy efficiency assessment and certification.

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