Passiv Haus Design & Construction

Homes with purpose, personality & unrivalled efficiency.

The global Passiv Haus (Passive House) movement has made its way to Hornsby… Which means there’s no better time for Sydney-siders to design and build an energy efficient house.

Passiv Haus is the fastest growing energy efficiency standard in the world. It is an approach to the design and construction of buildings, which – when combined with our decades of experience in design, fabrication and building – brings practicality and personality together, to create homes that are the epitome of efficiency (and the envy of their neighbours).

Passive Houses are:

  • Cheaper to run – With a Passiv Haus, you can save up to 95% in energy costs, year after year, for the life of your home;
  • Consistently comfortable – By maintaining a stable temperature of 19-20degrees all year round, Passive Houses are consistently comfortable, naturally. Conventional space heating and cooling is not required. There are no cold draughts in winter, and no dreaded ‘heat-box’ syndrome in the height of summer;
  • Cleaner to breathe – With its incredibly advanced filtration technology, Passiv Haus prevents air pollution, mould and condensation from infiltrating and/or occurring in your home. It rigorously and constantly cleans the air, stripping it of nasties that exacerbate respiratory and other health conditions, including asthma, making your home a fresher, cleaner and healthier place to live.
  • Environmentally friendly – Due to the use of smart systems to maximise energy efficiency, and the lack of reliance on fossil fuels for heating and cooling, Passive Houses have an incredibly low environmental footprint.
  • A smart investment – With the growing environmental awareness associated with ‘global warming’, energy efficient homes are in high demand, and will become even more so, in coming years. This means a Passiv Haus is sure to be a wise investment;
  • All shapes and sizes – Passiv Haus is an approach to design, not a set formula, which means Passive Houses can be designed in any shape and size, to suit your family’s needs, lifestyle and personality; Opt for a small, somewhat standard design, to keep costs to a minimum, or build the home of your dreams… the choice is yours.

Whether you’re looking to build a new home, granny flat or multiple houses on a subdivided block, the enormous benefits of Passive House design are not only available, they are very much attainable.

The Home Improvement Store facilitates all stages of Passiv Haus design, construction and certification, from architecture to final-stage energy efficiency testing.

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