Renovations, Extensions & Additions

Add space, practicality & appeal to an existing home.

Whether you’re looking to unlock the aesthetic or functional potential of your home, or add more usable space, Home Improvement Store is ready and waiting to help you clarify and achieve your vision.

Some of the things we can do to expand or improve your home include:

  • A Passiv Haus conversion to achieve first-class energy efficiency and climatic comfort;
  • Remove walls to create an open plan living area;
  • Add rooms;
  • Build a second storey or split level extension;
  • Install a staircase;
  • Build a landing or deck;
  • Renovate the kitchen, overhaul or add a bathroom, ensuite or laundry (complete with demolition, tiling and off-the-shelf or custom-made cabinetry, as required);
  • Replace the flooring – From timber or laminate to carpet, tiles or polished concrete.

Home Improvement Store undertakes renovation, extension and addition projects of all shapes and sizes. Some clients want to achieve maximum energy efficiency through a Passiv Haus project, while others want a more conventional approach.

We find, however, that our passion and in-depth knowledge for energy efficient building infiltrates everything we do, and benefits all our clients. Not only does it keep us at the cutting-edge of building technology, it enables us to make strategic recommendations along the way, to minimise your energy consumption and save you money into the future, making your renovation an even wiser investment.

Ready to renovate? Contact Max today on 9482 8008, or complete the form above to request a complimentary in-store consultation.